The second half of the anime is an accurate representation of blizzard. You know if you know.

During my time off, I've watched the entire first season of Sword Art Online. I'd say the first half of the season is the most accurate representation of an MMO I've ever seen

High level male character running lower level females through dungeons


@Awesome00001J That is the SEC. Securities exchange commission. It's a federal body to protect investors and based on what Activision blizzard did, this is gonna be really interesting

So much blizzard stuff happened in the last 2 days

1. Sec is investigating Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision.
2. Head legal council left the company last friday but only made a statement today
3. Overwatch 2 chief left

The company is in flames

RIP @Gacha_talks

I don’t know if this was his favorite song by them but I knew he was a fan of polyphia and this seemed the most appropriate at the moment.